The delicious smoothness of fudge is owed to an accident!

July 2022

When it comes to cyber security, "Be the Ball"
Goliath is currently beating the shit out of David, here's why.

May 2022

A 7 minute synopsis of cryptocurrencies and the spectacular crash of Terra Luna
But fear not, I stuck some of the Depp/Heard shenanigans in here for those wondering what in the hell is #muffingate.

April 2022

Back again!

July 2021

New sections, old sections... we change or we die!

May 2021

Remakes, rehashes and redos.

April 2021

Because of how far down the rabbit hole we're going on this one!
Hey, at least it dropped in April :)
Winning and losing at governing. The next great candy!

March 2021

Another a fun week of WTF!